Nikon D5500 24.2MP Price in Nepal, Specs & Availability

Nikon D5500 24.2MP Full Specification and Details and Review

Nikon D5500 24.2MP Price in Nepal


The Nikon D5500 is most powerful DSLR camera that offer wide range of features and capabilities for both beginner and advanced photographer. With it 24.2-megapixel sensor and advanced autofocus system, this camera deliver exceptional image quality and allows for focusing. In this article, we will explore the key features of the Nikon D5500 and why it has become a popular choice among photography.

    Key Features of the Nikon D5500 DSLR Camera

    The Nikon D5500 comes packed with several features that make it versatile and reliable camera. Let take a closer look at some of its key features.

    Image Quality and Resolution

    Nikon D5500 24.2MP Price in Nepal

    At the heart of the Nikon D5500 is 24.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor. This high-resolution sensor ensures sharp and detailed images with vibrant colors. The camera also features an EXPEED 4 image processor which enhances image quality and provides fast performance.

    Advanced Autofocus System

    The D5500 boasts 39 point autofocus system with nine cross-type sensors and allowing for precise and accurate focusing. Whether you are capturing fast moving subjects or shooting in low light conditions with autofocus system of this camera ensures sharp and well-focused images.

    Articulating Touchscreen Display

    One of the standout features of the Nikon D5500 is its 3.2 inch vari-angle touchscreen display. The articulating design allows you to capture photos and videos from various angles including overhead and low angle shots. The touchscreen functionality makes it easy to navigate through menus, adjust settings and even focus by simply tapping on the screen.

    Connectivity Options

    Nikon D5500 24.2MP Price in Nepal

    The D5500 offers various connectivity options to streamline your workflow. It has built in Wi-Fi and NFC capabilitie, enabling you to easily transfer photos and videos to your smartphone or tablet for instant sharing on social media or remote control of the camera.

    Versatile Shooting Modes

    Whether you are beginner or an advanced photographer the Nikon D5500 offers a wide range of shooting modes to suit your needs. From fully automatic modes for effortless point-and-shoot photography to manual modes for complete control over exposure settings, this camera caters to photographers of all skill levels.

    High ISO Performance

    With an ISO range of 100-25600, the Nikon D5500 performs exceptionally well in low-light conditions. You can confidently capture images with reduced noise and excellent detail even in challenging lighting situations.

    Compact and Lightweight Design

    Nikon D5500 24.2MP Price in Nepal

    The D5500 features a compact and lightweight body, making it a great companion for travel and outdoor photography. Its ergonomic design and comfortable grip ensure a secure and stable hold, allowing you to shoot for extended periods without fatigue.

    Battery Life

    When it comes to battery life, the Nikon D5500 doesn't disappoint. With its energy-efficient design, the camera can capture up to 820 shots on a single charge. This extended battery life gives you peace of mind during long shooting.

    Nikon D5500 24.2MP Price in Nepal

    Lens Compatibility

    The Nikon D5500 is compatible with a wide range of Nikon lenses, offering you the flexibility to choose the lens that best suits your photographic style and subject matter. From versatile zoom lenses to fast prime lenses, the camera system provides a vast selection of options to expand your creative possibilities.

    Nikon D5500 24.2MP Price in Nepal

    Video Recording Capabilities

    In addition to still photography, the D5500 excels in capturing high-quality videos. It supports full HD 1080p video recording at various frame rates, allowing you to create cinematic videos with smooth motion and stunning detail. The camera also provides manual control over exposure settings, giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity in videography.

    Accessories and Enhancements

    To enhance your photography experience further, the Nikon D5500 is compatible with a range of accessories. From external flashes for better lighting control to remote shutter releases for self-portraits and long-exposure photography, you can customize your camera setup according to your specific needs and shooting style.

    Nikon D5500 DSLR Camera Price in Nepal

    The price of Nikon D5500 with (18-140MM Lens) in Nepal are Rs. 90,500 only and same camera price in India are Rs. 50,500 INR. I am prefer you if you want buy this camera then buy in India because there you found cheap rate and same warranty.

    If Your found any issue to buying this camera then contact me.

    Nikon D5500 24.2MP Price in Nepal
    Camera Name  Lens Price in Nepal
    Nikon D5500(18-140mm) Rs. 90,500

    Pros and Cons of the Nikon D5500 DSLR Camera

    Like any camera, the Nikon D5500 has its strengths and limitations. Here are some pros and cons to consider.


    Excellent image quality with a high-resolution sensor.

    Advanced autofocus system for precise focusing.

    Articulating touchscreen display for flexible shooting angles.

    Seamless connectivity options with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC.

    Versatile shooting modes to cater to photographers of all levels.

    Impressive high ISO performance in low-light conditions.

    Compact and lightweight design for portability.

    Extended battery life for prolonged shooting sessions.


    Limited to Full HD video recording, not 4K.

    Lack of in-body image stabilization.

    No built-in GPS for geotagging photos.

    Limited buffer capacity for continuous shooting.


    Nikon D5500 24.2MP Price in Nepal

    The Nikon D5500 24.2MP DSLR camera is a reliable and feature-packed device that delivers outstanding image quality and performance. With its advanced autofocus system, articulating touchscreen display, and versatile shooting modes, it caters to both beginners and experienced photographers. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a great companion for various shooting scenarios. However, it's important to consider its limitations, such as the absence of 4K video recording and in-body image stabilization. Overall, the Nikon D5500 is a solid choice for photography enthusiasts looking for a capable and user-friendly DSLR camera.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Does the Nikon D5500 have a built-in image stabilization feature?

    No, the Nikon D5500 does not have in-body image stabilization. However, some Nikon lenses come with built-in stabilization.

    Can I shoot in RAW format with the D5500?

    Yes, the D5500 supports RAW file capture, allowing you to have more flexibility in post-processing and preserving image quality.

    What is the maximum shutter speed of the D5500?

    The D5500 has a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second, which allows you to freeze fast-moving subjects.

    Can I use my old Nikon lenses with the D5500?

    Yes, the D5500 is compatible with most Nikon F-mount lenses, including older manual focus lenses.

    Does the D5500 have a built-in flash?

    Yes, the D5500 has a built-in pop-up flash, which can be useful for fill-in lighting in certain situations.

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